Playful Arts Sessions: The Encounter | Willem Twee kunstruimte

datum: donderdag 8 juni 2017

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Playful Arts Sessions  The Encounter | Willem Twee kunstruimte

* ticket price includes dinner

17.00 - 19.00 Áron Birtalan - See
19.15 - 19.45 Dinner @ Hangop
20.00 - 21.30 Louise Orwin - The Loneliness of Crowds
21.45 - 22.30 Aftertalk

“In our culture we rarely interact with strangers. Even though we encounter strangers every day, share spaces with them, travel together, and even follow or obstruct their path. In a city we see strangers, and we are seen as strangers all the time.” Áron Birtalan

Playful Arts Sessions is an exciting evening where you can get acquainted with leading and emerging artists at the intersection of visual arts, performing arts and playful design. During the first Playful Arts Sessions we dive into the work of artists Áron Birtalan (HU) and Louise Orwin (UK), who both playfully experiment with the relation between the artist and his audience. How far shall we go in setting up and act in interactive experiences?

During the first half of the evening we meet in a playful way during two performances and a tasteful dinner. During the second half of the evening we will speak with the artists under the guidance of an expert moderator.

About the artists:
Áron Birtalan is a Hungarian artist who makes games and rituals in everyday environments. Working together with participants and their imagination as an artistic medium, he explores the nature of human interaction by creating collaborative experiences he calls 'Transformation Games'. Through his work, Áron encourages people to tap into a playful territory, where art, games and magic mingle. His work draws upon the history of transformation through rites, and as a whole, ritual’s role in society.
Birtalan currently lives in The Netherlands and runs the experimental platform Secret Fiction, designed to discover new collaborative experiences in art and everyday life. He exhibited his work at the Piano Factory in Brussels, at the Trafó House of Contemporary Art in Budapest, Eye Film Museum, DordtYardt, Rewire Festival, Today's Art Festival, STEIM, STRP and Gogbot festival.

About Transformation Games:
Transformation Games occupy a liminal territory between the practices of rituals, games, role-playing, storytelling, performing arts and everyday life – appropriating all, but committing to none. By design, they put the emphasis on creating conditions for their participants, who through the alibi of playing initiate and undergo powerful experiences (alone or as group), that they might not dare to have otherwise. In such, Transformation Games enable a practice that exercises its influence beyond the conventional margins of art.

About See:
See is a role playing experience for a large number of participants, conducted under the guidance of Birtalan. In the game, the participant gets a role and task, helping them to formulate an experience for themselves and for the other participants present. SEE is open to all. There is no previous experience or skill required, other than the willingness to play.


Louise Orwin (UK) is a live art artist, researcher, writer and performer. She has performed her work at various stages and festivals in the UK and beyond. Her work is characterized by brutality, personal vulnerability and the involvement of the public in intimate experiences. In her work she focuses on the accidental encounter with a stranger. She plays with stereotypical views of the female in popular culture versus her own awkwardness. In her work practice, she mixes the theatrical with everyday and interrogates the interaction between the creator and her audience.

About The Loneliness of Crowds:
The Loneliness of Crowds is an immersive experience for 1-2 blindfolded participants. During 10 minutes, you will be involved in being in a festival environment. Complete with karaoke, crowdsurfing, shelter for rain and dancing. Afterwards you will give the same care to other participants.


Playful Arts Sessions is organized by Playful Arts Festival, a collaboration between Wave of Tomorrow and zo-ii.

Playful Arts Sessions are made possible by Willem Twee Artspace.

Practical information:
June 8, 2017
Willem Twee Artspace
Boschdijkstraat 100 ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
Start program: 17.00 hours
End of program: 22.30 hours
Early bird € 20, - incl. diner until May 18
After that: € 25,- incl. diner


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