November Music 2017: John Zorn | November Music

datum: zaterdag 4 november 2017

November Music 2017  John Zorn | November Music

November Music • 2 - 12 November 2017 • 's-Hertogenbosch

November Music presents a unique programme around composer and musician John Zorn on Saturday 4 November. It comprises film scores, string quartets, chamber music and choral works, ensemble compositions, and outright improvisations. A total of 9 concerts and 1 film screening will take place on various venues throughout the city.

More info & tickets via Some concerts are already sold out, so don't wait too long to order!

(!) The regular November Music festivalpasses are not valid during the John Zorn concerts on November 4th.


November Music 2017 gives you a bird's-eye view of today's eclectic musical landscape, with 80 concerts on 20 locations in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch. Check the programme and order your tickets:


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