Cavan Moran @ W2 Poppodium in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands | Hertogenbosch

datum: donderdag 4 mei 2017

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Cavan Moran
Cavan Moran
JW Roy

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Cavan Moran is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, north of England. He has already graced some of the world’s finest stages, including London’s Union Chapel, New York’s Knitting Factory and La Flèche D'Or in Paris and the songs he writes are built to fill such stunning spaces.
With a strong voice trained by smoke, beers and sleepless nights his debut album 'Forever On The Road/Forever At Home' released on acclaimed french label 'Celebration Days Records' is a real masterpiece for anyone loving the Alt Folk sound.
With press hailing him as 'a musical giant in a city full of stunted performers', Cavan Moran is a man rewriting the troubadour rulebook with stunning results.


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